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How are your processes running? Are you loosing money due to processes that need to be improved? Let us work with you to analyze the current state of your processes, determine the desired state and provide assistance in implementing and maintaining an optimized solution.


By applying Six Sigma, LEAN and other methodologies, Spivey Technologies can assist with fine tuning existing processes, developing entirely new processes and everything in between by implementing tools such as: 


 Once your process has been optimized we will provide you with the SPC (Statistical Process Control) tools necessary to monitor the health of your process. Going forward, this will allow you to spot process degradation trends and make proactive adjustments before your output is negatively affected.


This work does not require you to implement a Six Sigma program but should you so desire, Spivey Technologiesí Certified Six Sigma Black Belts are ready to help.

 For inquiries concerning Process Assistance, please email us at: 


or call (704) 618-4979


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