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Three things that will wreck any project are improper development, inadequate planning and/or mismanagement. We understand this. Let us help.

Spivey Technologies will work with you to adequately develop a scope so that project requirements are met and, through out the project, help maintain focus to avoid “scope creep”. For conducting the project we will help you develop a robust plan that includes status reviews, risk analyses and assessments as well as deliverables for each stage of the project. We will also monitor the “health” of the project team to ensure the team members remain “on board” and committed to the success of the project. Should you so desire we can also provide project management assistance; proactively monitoring project progress, working with you in removing road blocks and maintaining accountability for schedule commitments and deliverables.

For inquiries concerning Project Development, Planning and/or Management assistance, please email us at: 


or call (704) 618-4979 

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