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New products are essential to continued success for most companies. Your competition isn’t standing still and neither should you. By applying our experience and expertise we can assist with your research and development needs.

 What’s the big hole in the innovation process? Showing the idea will work.

 That’s the real value of working with Spivey Technologies. We specialize in taking an idea and turning it into something real, something you can put your arms around, something you can hold. We’ll take your idea to a whole new level. Even to the point of commercialization and production.


We can assist in determining the market driven feature set for your new product and help identify the features that will set your brand apart; the features that will give your product real market presence… the “Wow Factor”.


By implementing tools such as Technology Road Mapping, Product Road Mapping, VOC (Voice of the Customer) analysis, KANO, Quality Function Deployment (QFD or “House of Quality), determining CTX’s (Critical to Success, Critical to Quality, etc), accounting for DFX’s (Design for Testing, Design for Manufacturability, etc.) to name a few, we can insure the results of your next R&D effort will transfer smoothly through Engineering, Manufacturing and Commercialization.


 Spivey Technologies can help you take your idea to concept, concept to prototype, prototype to product. Looking for a more efficient way to spend your R&D dollars? How can we help you today?

 For inquiries concerning Research and Development assistance, please email us at: 


or call (704) 618-4979