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‘Dead Bolt’

Contactless RFID Security Technology

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Spivey Technologies, LLC

How can we help you today?

In today’s economy it is becoming increasingly more difficult for businesses succeed. In some cases it’s all a business can do just to survive. Let us help. Spivey Technologies will work with you to:

Partnering with Spivey Technologies, you can focus on your core competencies and allow us to bring the rest to the table.  Providing specific assistance, turn-key solutions or anything in between, we are ready to contribute to your success.


By drawing on our years of experience and expertise in Process Development and Improvement, Project Development, Product Improvement, New Product Development, Technology Development, Risk Analysis and Mitigation, IP, Best Business Practices, Best Manufacturing Practices, Strategic and Tactical planning, LEAN and Six Sigma methodology, we offer a unique set of skills that can be targeted to directly improve your bottom line.