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The Problem

The growing use of contactless RFID is putting an increasing number of people at risk. It has been indisputably proven that any information stored on the RFID chip in these devices can be collected without the user’s knowledge or permission (read STOLEN). Unfortunately, this growing use of contactless RFID technology is increasing the probability of security breaches as well as identity theft.


Security Issues

Encryption is being used as security in some contactless RFID devices. As news reports repeatedly show some of the most highly encrypted and secure computer systems in the world have been and continue to be hacked, this provides little consolation to most users. Other devices store only a “non-descript identification number”. When read at the time of a transaction, this number is matched to a user’s pertinent information that is stored in a central data base. This also poses a problem in that even if there is no pertinent information stored in the contactless RFID device, the ability for any information to be accessed without the users consent (read STOLEN) is still a great fear of most users. Perception is reality.

 The Solution

Contactless RFID is inherently unsecure; until now. Contactless RFID Security from Spivey Technologies, LLC provides a level of security equal to that of “chip and pin” and magnetic stripe cards with the ease of use and longevity of contactless RFID.

 Here’s how it works (see video)

Our patent pending technology uses a novel application of simple circuitry to prevent access to any information stored on the chip of a contactless RFID device. In its normal or “locked” state, the device’s antenna is detuned; effectively analogous to shorting the antenna. In this condition, it is impossible for a reader to access the chip and prevents the chip from transmitting any information; the card is completely disabled. As an added security benefit, the chip can not be detected.


To use a card that incorporates our technology, the user positions it near the desired reader, as they would with any such device, then applies and releases a gentle and intuitive pressure. Using time tested piezo technology, this pressure activates our circuitry which momentarily retunes the antenna, “unlocking” the card. Once the antenna is retuned, the reader can energize the antenna, access the chip and the chip can transmit its stored information. As highlighted, this is a momentary condition. Duration of reader access to the chip can be varied to the requirements of the device provider. For purposes of demonstration the device in our video is set at 200 milliseconds. At the end of the predetermined access period our circuitry automatically detunes the antenna, returning the device to its normal or “locked” condition and again, positively preventing access to the chip.

 By design, a contactless RFID device containing our technology can not be inadvertently activated by conditions existing in storing the device in a purse or wallet. Additionally, our technology:

Our technology is thinner than the embedded RFID chip itself; allowing practically limitless applications and is seamlessly integrated as it requires no modifications to manufacturing processes currently in use.

 Providing peace of mind

Whether for use in security access/personnel badges, bank cards, credit cards, membership cards, public transportation fare cards, enhanced driver’s licenses, I.D. cards, electronic passports or any similar application, the contactless RFID security solution provided by Spivey Technologies, LLC gives the user peace of mind, knowing they control access to their information and that their information is secure




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